RAA Amendments Passed

Dear RPI Alumni,

We have some very good news to share with you—the Renew Rensselaer Amendments to the RAA Bylaws passed by a substantial margin at the RAA Annual Meeting. Thank you to everyone who took the time to support our efforts to exercise the governance rights of RAA members and strengthen the voice of RPI alumni. Our journey, however, is not finished.

Here are two recent comments we received from our Supporters that we wanted to share with you:

  • “I know this is just the beginning of restoring dignity and free expression on campus, and for restoring the pride in our Union, and for re-establishing the economic health of RPI, and for alumni like myself who depend on an independent alumni association to keep me truly informed.”
  • Congratulations on your victory in having the amendments passed at the annual meeting. I thank you and the rest of the team for your efforts.”

We caution that the RAA Board may yet pursue certain actions with regard to the amendments. We will address any actions taken at the appropriate time. In the meantime, we have established an active channel of communication with the RAA leadership and plan to meet in person to chart a path forward for the benefit of the Institute. What we learn from our on-going discussions will guide us in the measures we deem appropriate to uphold the will of RAA members.

In a sense, a new day is dawning at RPI, but the changes necessary to restore RPI’s rightful position as one of the premier technological institutions of the world will take more effort by all of us, RPI’s dedicated alumni.

At this time next year, we expect RPI will have a new president. We hope that person, together with the RPI Board of Trustees, will bring much needed focus on financial, academic, and governance challenges before them, and pursue the changes which we have been promoting in our platform. We believe all of this is feasible.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Be assured our efforts to improve governance and strengthen the voice of alumni will continue.

Renew Rensselaer